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The coincidences in the surveillance cases of Koukakis, Androulakis and Seaford, as well as the sequence of events, clearly point in one direction: the state.
Παρασκευή 24/03/2023

Jet linked to Israeli spyware tycoon delivers surveillance tech from the EU to notorious Sudanese militia. An investigation that resulted from the collaboration of inside story with the investigative nonprofit Lighthouse Reports and the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.
Τετάρτη 30/11/2022

How the relationship of the Greek state with Intellexa, the company that markets the illegal Predator software, began, how it developed and where it appears to be heading.
Τρίτη 15/11/2022

picture showing surveillance cameras
picture showing surveillance cameras
We reveal the case of a journalist and associate of inside story, with a rich history of investigative reporting, whose mobile phone had been turned by persons unknown into a spy device that recorded his every move and communication.
Δευτέρα 11/04/2022

An unspecified number of people appear to be running the risk of "digital surveillance" once the Port Police and the Greek Coast Guard acquire a social media data collection tool. The controversial technical specifications and the software that’s being "photographed" in the procurement notice.
Δευτέρα 14/03/2022

Inside story sets out one by one the gray and non-transparent areas of the Greek legislation for the NGO Register on immigration. The Council of Europe warns of possible arbitrariness while the European Commission assesses the compatibility of the legislation with Community law. This is the second part of the NGO Registry dossier.
Τρίτη 20/04/2021