"Spying" on social media and a tailor-made tender by the Port Police

An unspecified number of people appear to be running the risk of "digital surveillance" once the Port Police and the Greek Coast Guard acquire a social media data collection tool. The controversial technical specifications and the software that’s being "photographed" in the procurement notice.
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Σκάφος του Λιμενικού έξω από τη Σάμο μετά το πολύνεκρο ναυάγιο του 2018 στο Αγαθονήσι. [D.S.T. Media/Eurokinissi]

The Port Police and the Hellenic Coastguard have requested the procurement of software for collecting data from social media, including tracking user searches, in order to "cover the (A/N: unspecified) needs” of the Hellenic Coast Guard, as stated in the relevant tender announcement posted on January 25, 2022.

The original Greek version of the article
This article appeared in inside story on the 21st of February 2022, in its original Greek version. You can read it here.

The document was first spotted a few days later, on February 2, by Phevos Simeonidis (@phesimeonid), an open source intelligence (OSINT) and digital rights researcher with whom we worked closely for this report.

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