Flight of the Predator

Jet linked to Israeli spyware tycoon delivers surveillance tech from the EU to notorious Sudanese militia. An investigation that resulted from the collaboration of inside story with the investigative nonprofit Lighthouse Reports and the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.
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The eight-seater Cessna that plays an important role in Dillian's operations, at Larnaca airport.

On a dusty May morning in Khartoum an executive jet taxied to a halt under the blistering sun. Two jeeps with tinted windows stood ready to meet it from one of the most notorious and feared militias in the world, the Rapid Support Forces (RSF).

A joint investigation
This article is a joint effort by inside story, Haaretz and Lighthouse Reports. You can read it in their respective publications here and here and in its greek version here.
AOJ71H 18 May 2022 10:26 Khartoum DOF/220518 C750 -LCLK -HSSK

The sleek white Cessna flew in from Cyprus and remained on the ground in Sudan's capital for just 45 minutes, long enough to draw a disturbing line of connection between the ferocious contest for power in Sudan and a spyware scandal roiling Greece.

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